Visio Divina Eastertide Day 12

Today’s visio divina images come from  Leslyn Shortes as she  put together an art expression for our women’s retreat.  I often experience a oneness with God and with others in prayer at retreats.  The passage that comes to mind is John 17:23, I am in them and you are in me-so that they might be brought to complete unity.
That the women represented also represent the world was sort of a surprise to her at the time, but as all people of the Earth are one in facing the pandemic it is timely.  John’s passage continues:  then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you love me.
From Leslyn: I pray God will use this time of pause in our lives to more fully manifest His love through us and that the world will emerge from this pandemic more in His image.

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